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PhD Thesis: Particle Dispersion and Distribution in Sprays and in Spray Drying Processes


This project studies the PVP (polyvinylpyrolidone) atomization in air. PVP is soluable in water and other organic compunds such as alcoholes, and it is used as a binder in pharmaceutical tables or it is added to iodine ot form a complex that posesses desinfectant properties.This complex is contained in various products like solutions, ointment, pessaries, liquid soaps and surgical scrubs. It is known for instance under the trade name Betadine.

The project studies the atomization prozess of PVP in water, methanol and ethanol and the particle interaction during evaporation and later drying to a powder. The DQMOM method (direct quadrature methods of moments) will be used to describe the dispersed phase, and particle interaction will be included. Results will be compared to experimental results obtained at BASF Ludwigshafen. The DQMOM method is new and has mainly been applied to solid dispersed systems with particle interaction. In the case of a liquid dipsersed phase, the process of evaporation needs to be taken into account.
The project then will be extended to cover the process of spray drying which is a technical application of vast industrial importance. The goal is to develop a numeric tool that covers the entire process from spray injection to the commercial powder.
The project is financed by the German Science Foundation (DFG), and it is embedded in a major research grant of the German Science foundation which involves scientists from both a number of universiteis in Germany doing both experimental and computational studies on spray drying.

A Master\'s degree in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, or engineering. Knowledge in the field of chemical reactions, thermodynamics, cp=omputational fluid dynamics and a computer language, preferably FORTRAN, are required.


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